About Us

It’s a Community thing!
Little did we know that we would soon have to launch Health & Holistics as its own established brand! But we have brought the Youth with us! With a Company Staff Employment Policy of 17-24yrs only. As we grow, our network of employed, proactive young adults grows. We appreciate your support.
In general, we have been health conscious, and led a ‘healthy’ lifestyle as part of our culture. But we were first introduced to Sea Moss by Aunty as a supplement for our exercise and daily life vitamin intake. However after researching the traditional uses and speaking to experts there is a clear trend that this plant is much more than just a supplement.

With research studies linking it to treating dementia, reducing cancer rates, improving heart function and helping maintain healthy thyroid action, we've changed the way we use our products. It's not a supplement any more, it's a necessity.
Our Health & Holistics program with the young adults raised many questions and interest around veganism, so we thought we would give it a go! We adapted our diet and lifestyle to be completely vegan. When we started our journey to become vegan many of our friends lamented over how few sweet treats we would be able to enjoy.

Of course, there are thousands of vegan recipes that help deliver this, but they were right, none of them tasted quite the same.

Step in Irish Sea Moss.

With its ability to create silky smooth and creamy sauces, mousses, and desserts it really is a game changer.>br>
Plus it is a fantastic animal free source of collagen!

Our Production

Sea Moss Gel
At H&H, we have adopted a unique production phase which is new to the UK! Not only have we managed to remove the ‘ocean’ like ‘salty’ taste that people have been experiencing when tasting Sea Moss, but we also infuse our Sea moss with limes and lemons before we drain them from the reactivation jars.

At H&H nothing comes from a Lab or with any chemical traces, and all of our infusions are with organic, plant-based and naturally harvested ingredients. This includes the colouring and minerals we add to our Sea Moss gels. This means NO pigments and NO dyes. Plant-based and natural ways to infuse our Sea Moss gels from the sugars in different plants and vegetables/fruits.